What is really important

Snow is falling plus the air is still.  It looks like a snowglobe outside plus I am entirely  thankful that I can sit plus watch it all from our beach house office window.  I am entirely fortunate to have landed a job as a medical transcriptionist that allows me to handle the accounts from home.  Not only do I have the ability to be here when the youngsters get beach house from school however I don’t have to leave plus deal with a messy commute each day.  Both of us have meetings twice a month that I need to attend however other than that our whole job is done online. When I first got the job the two of us made a few changes to the apartment that included adding a separate zone in the room I use for an office space.  Now, I can still lower the rest of the heat to save money as if the apartment is empty, all while keeping our office sizzling plus toasty. I even bought our own teapot so it is like having a real workplace. The added Heating & A/C unit was a tax write off because it was a supplier expense plus that was a sizable plus too.  I used to do not care for the Wintertide because I had to drive in the snow plus chilly weather. Now, I actually appreciate it. I even took the youngsters ice skating last weekend plus the two of us appreciated the experience. I was chilly while the two of us were there however knew that our sizzling plus cozy beach house would be waiting for us when the two of us got home.  Having a quality Heating & A/C plan makes all the difference when it comes to that.

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