What is in fact new

I bought my house a few years ago. It is an older home, but a lot of remodeling has been done to it. That was a big selling feature. I didn’t realize however, the extent of work left to do.  When I moved in, I thought I could hold off on any projects for a few years. The first Winter in the house revealed some problems. I hadn’t realized that none of the windows on the upper level had been replaced.  They were all painted shut and not in very good shape. I was totally surprised by the high gas bills. Unfortunately, I was running my heating system way more than I normally would. The heat just escaped right out those old windows, and the upstairs was always cold.   It wasn’t an ideal situation. The Heating system itself was only four years old, so I doubted it was the problem. I still went ahead and hired an HVAC contractor to come out and perform some routine maintenance, just to be sure all components were working at their best.  The HVAC contractor was knowledgeable and helpful. After inspecting the furnace, he assured me the Heating equipment was in decent condition. He pointed out that I need to replace those older windows as soon as possible. He explained that I would recoup the investment through lower heating bills every month.  Plus, the house would be far more comfortable. There’d be less drafts and cold spots. I replaced the windows and then learned that there is insufficient insulation in the walls. Maybe, in a few years I’ll be able to afford to fix the insulation problem. I am looking forward to making the house more energy efficient.  I’d like to save some money on my utility bills. I know any improvements will be worth the time and money.

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