What changes are we making?

A few years back, my parents decided to move all the way down south. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad for them, but I find myself missing them quite a bit. I always say to them that I will take the plunge myself as soon as I am able too. For the time being, though, my father and I share phone calls on a just about daily basis. We love catching up with each other’s lives. Our conversations usually consist of venting about work, the latest updates on each other’s dogs, and any plans we have coming up in the near future. More recently, thanks to spring and summer, our talks have been monopolized by me talking about all the different bugs I’m dealing with in my apartment. We’ve been seeing a lot of those little silverfish, which are naught but a nuisance, but we’ve also been seeing some black widows. These are super poisonous, and we are constantly on high alert for them. With summer here, we’re also fighting to make sure all the bumble bees and yellow jackets stay outside while we’re letting air inside through the windows. Due to our northern climate, our apartment has no central air conditioning, just an oil furnace. My dad thinks this is funny and constantly reminds me that I would have central heat if I moved where they were. He’s absolutely right. Of course, the state they’re in also has its share of things I wouldn’t like to come in contact with, but they always stay outside because there is no need to open your doors or windows. Every home is stocked with either a full-blown HVAC unit or, at the very least, a ductless air conditioning unit. With air conditioning in the summer, you can keep the windows shut to make sure all of those little unwanted guests stay outside where they should be, so long as one keeps up with their air filters. Your home has the potential for cleaner air than a fresh country breeze as long as they are swapped out regularly. Soon I’ll move to be closer to my parents, but for now it’s bug spray and a fly swatter for me!

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