What a unique situation

I work as a custodian part time for a church here in my town. The time of year that the church has to be cleaned the most is during the Summertime when it is scorching outside. At this time of year, a ton of dust and hair gets all over the place from the doors swinging open and shut because of people coming in and out. This is why the church has recently bought a brand new, powerful heating and cooling system with an air purifier system to boot. This has made my job a snap this year with the excellent air conditioning system and air purifier. There’s a lot less messes and not to mention it is very nice and cool in there. This is the latest in HVAC technology and it has assisted not only me, but those who come to the church weekly for the message They feel cooled off in here and they breath better. Even the weddings they have have caused a lot of happy compliments since they put in this brand new, very effective heating and cooling system with the air purifier in it. It makes the church feel great, this HVAC system is incredible! I’m tempted to look into a top quality air conditioner for my home as well. After experiencing the church one, I feel like having one at home would be splendid!

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