What a long week

My husband and I are first time homeowners… While we expected a lot of tasks we’ve never dealt with before, the last thing we were thinking of when we signed the mortgage for our lake house was the amount of paperwork the whole process would entail… Paperwork from the bank, paperwork from the real estate office, paperwork from the insurance company–even paperwork from the town! Our pile grows plus grows. The top item on our Home Goods Shopping List is a filing cabinet. “And here we thought we were going to want a new wardrobe or a closet organizers” my husband joked. Then our main point of concern is our central heater… My husband and I moved in autumn. This way, we wouldn’t to have to lift all of this heavy furniture in middle of a heat wave. While the move was really easy, now we’re rushing to get our oil furnace tanks filled before Winter time is upon us… In the meantime, I am doing all I can to make sure we don’t miss anything important in this mountain of paperwork. Just last week, I was reviewing homeowner’s insurance, making a to do list of all that was expected of us before we filed it away plus forgot about it entirely. Well, our real estate agent didn’t bring up at the signing that we would be required to get the heating and A/C system checked biannually, plus through the company our insurance firm uses! I had to quickly cancel our oil furnace tune-up for next week, only to call this other HVAC company to get it done through them. If we don’t care for our oil heater to the letter of this agreement, we won’t be insured should it one day fail on us.

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