What a great cooling system

I worked in an office building for many years.  I loved the job, but I hated the HVAC system they had in the building.  There was no happy medium in the building. It was either freezing or super hot.  The building itself was fairly new, so I was pretty sure the HVAC unit was also new.  What was really bad about the situation is that the company I worked for was a supplier for home improvement stores.  We also specialized in HVAC equipment, both in sales and in installation. You would think that the major supply house for HVAC equipment, would have a great HVAC system.  The knowledge of who we worked for, just it made it more difficult to understand the conditions we were forced to work in. During the summer, they would set the air conditioning at what was supposed to be comfortable.  Before the air conditioning turned off, it would be so cold that if you didn’t keep a sweater at your desk, you would be shivering. Then before the air conditioning turned back on, it would be sweltering hot, and you begin to sweat.  The same thing was happening in the winter. It took me over five years to leave that company. I learned a lot and I took my experience with me to my next job. Last week I ran into an old coworker. She told me that within a month after I left the company, they had a HVAC company come in and install a whole new HVAC system.

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