What a fancy house

I was so overjoyed to take the kids to their first real Rodeo!  Okay, almost “real” anyway. The rodeo was being held at an indoor venue and so it wouldn’t have the same essence of a real rodeo, because we wouldn’t be resting in the hot sunshine all day choking on the dusty air.  I was able to handle that because I had spent much of my childhood years sitting on hard wooden bleachers seeing my family perform in trick riding and roping… My free time was spent riding in the truck from a one venue or another and I honestly didn’t want to have my kids doing the same thing, however, taking them to a Rodeo was still going to be memorable. The venue was air conditioned and the ventilation plan would deliver fresh air too.  There wouldn’t be horrible smells at the event that I wouldn’t miss either… I never would have thought that I could thoroughly relax at a Rodeo again however this event has given myself and others a whole new appreciation for the interest. Both of us were able to sit in cozy seats, buy all of our favorite popcorn, use indoor lavatories, and best of all, avoid the sunburns. The cooling system felt good and it honestly added to the enjoyment of the day. I am sure that several of my family members who competed back in the day would argue with this style of Rodeo however for me, it is a good way to spend quality time with the kids. I may try and convince my Mom, who used to trick ride, to join  us next time it is in town. Who knows, she may share some of the same nostalgic feelings I did.

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