We’re so cold right now

I admit, I’ve made a few mistakes. The first was subletting an apartment in the city based on how cute it looked. The leaseholder did a really great job furnishing it. It looks like the cover of a catalog. It’s styled to perfection. As soon as I walked in I could picture myself living here and posting tons of pics of my fabulous city life to turn my friends back home green with envy. I should have known that something so great should not have been in my price range. My first clue was that there was no bathroom fan so taking a shower came with a free steam bath. The only windows in the apartment face the brick wall of the building next door it doesn’t help much to open them. That wasn’t the worst part. Once the hot weather hit, I realized there’s no central air conditioning either. I’m from the suburbs where every house has central air conditioning. It never occurred to me that this apartment wouldn’t. Of course, no window air conditioning unit was provided. So, I bought a portable air conditioner. I got the smallest model because it was inexpensive and I could get home in a taxi. That was my second mistake. Turns out air conditioners come in different sizes for a reason. This little air conditioner can cool half of the apartment if I run it on full blast all the time. That dried my skin and hair out so badly, I bought a portable humidifier and ran that all the time, too. Then I got the electric bill and freaked out. I’m selling this small unit and getting the right sized air conditioner so I don’t go broke paying the electric bill for the rest of the summer.

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