We’re nice and warm

You constantly hear people talking about taking serious lengths to keep moderate while I was in the cold Wintertide weather, and if you’re lucky, you’ll be someone that laughs at the stories. If you’re someone who sees those headlines and says “that’s a wonderful idea”, then it seems you’re stuck up north care about me! I’ve tried everything under the sun to keep my quaint little several-living room home moderate in these brutal northern winters. My home was built ages ago, so being partially underground helps greatly with keeping the home a bit warmer. However, it’s not constantly enough to rely on that and a boiler plan to keep warm! One trick I recently discovered, but, was sitting right beside my home the entire time. My clothes washer and dryer are in a small room in the corner of my home, and the dryer’s heat exhaust port sticks outside, then as I watched steam come out of the port on a cold winter’s morning, I had a brilliant idea! After calling my official heating and air conditioner repair serviceman for advice, I decided to buy a “heat keeper” for my dryer’s exhaust vent, however using this connection on my dryer made it so that the dryer dumps all heat and moisture from the dryer directly into the air inside my house. This is perfectly safe, as the air filter that comes with this connection works to prevent lint, dirt and other debris from coming into the air along with the heat and humidity. I was so cheerful I decided to do this, as the dryer provides the perfect extra push to my heating plan to ensure a moderate temperature is maintained.

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