We’re happy with the outcome

My home must be set up at weird angles. I am thinking that maybe the trees surrounded my house make for hot plus chilly spots. So the Heating & A/C unit is not big enough to deal with my home, or set up in the worst location. No matter the reason for this, I want the hot plus chilly spots. In the cold season, I will work my heating system system non stop. My residing room plus kitchen are quite warm. The place I work in is icy cold. I thought maybe the area in the office was not sealed tight. I then got all brand new windows plus even redrywalled that room. Nope, that space still feels like the heating system never comes near to it. The furnace is not that far from the whole space either, but what is the deal with the setup of this? In the Summer the office plus most of the house gets cooling ability. My dining room however, consistently seems to be too warm. It is hot in the Winter season plus gets no AC in the Summer. That makes no sense to me. I could set up the duct free AC in the dining room if I wished to. However, I own a larger cooling piece of equipment. The A/C should be able to deal with the whole house. I refuse to buy one more Heating & A/C unit. Just like portable A/C plus space heaters. The central HVAC device should be strong enough.

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