We’re happy with the air quality

A work associate of mine is also a major conspiracy nut. I mean I enjoy the guy, but he thinks about the wackiest and scariest scenarios. He’s forever paranoid about the government plus all what they do secretly. He truly believes that the two of us are always being spied upon plus recorded. He absolutely showed me several articles the other morning how someone had their “Alexa” device decide to send a private conversation out to someone else across the country, now that particularly happened, it made me a little freaked out about what these smart devices could absolutely do. I absolutely have smart temperature controls which I can control via our other smart devices plus especially our smart phone devices. It has gotten to the point in our home where our heating plus cooling plan basically can run on its own. There are only rare chances when I might believe a little too hot or a hair too cold so I just tell our “Alexa” device to set the temperature control to a particular degree plus it always gets done, however but our associate has me thinking occasionally, what about if our Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C plan turns against us plus decides to heat the home too much or freeze us to death via the air conditioning? Now that seems particularly morbid, but after he was showing me how “Alexa” was disobeying commands plus even mocking people at times, it seemed enjoy maybe this artificial intelligence could be getting too far out of control enjoy those robot movies where the robots turn against humans. While I do believe in things that are particularly unlikely, a small area of me thinks this could possibly happen. If this technology is able to particularly think, what’s to ever stop it from eventually making its own decisions plus choices? I have never had a serious issue with our smart temperature control or our “Alexa” device, but I am more careful about what things I say around my devices now, as they could be recording what I say without our knowledge.