We’re going to have a big BBQ

My family hosts a huge BBQ every year for all of our family and friends.  We try to have it on the weekend before the fourth of July. It seems like everyone contributes some kind of food, and there is beer on tap from morning till night.  The only thing that is annoying with the BBQ is the fact that it is in the warmest part of the summer. Lately my uncle has been renting a party tent for the shindig.  It’s great because we all have some shade and if it would happen to rain, there is shelter. When it got later at night, we could go inside, and we didn’t disturb the neighbors as much.  This past year, when he got the tent, my uncle also rented a portable air conditioner. When I got there, I wasn’t surprised to see the huge white tent in the middle of the field behind the house.  We were surprised to see the amount of people who were already inside the tent. The entire side of the tent was clear plastic and the inside was lit up by the natural sunlight. As you opened the tent door, you could feel the cooling of the air conditioner.  There were small strings attached to the air vent and you were able to see in which direction the air conditioner was blowing. That was to be a scorcher of a day, and we were all pleased that my uncle had thought to rent the portable air conditioner. The food and the beer seemed to taste better as we sat inside the tent or out.  The air conditioner was a welcome addition to the BBQ.

A/C tune-up