We’re all loving the morning A/C

My uncle loves to have BBQs during the summer.  His favorite BBQ is when he invites what seems like the entire neighborhood, and he throws a huge party for the fourth of July.  Everyone wants to chip in for food and drink. We have fireworks at night, and volleyball, badminton, quoits, and horseshoe games, all over the property.  The only problem with the BBQ is the heat that comes with that time of year. In order to get some shade for our older persons, my uncle always rented a party tent.  It gave us a place to go in case it rained, and it gave us shade from the sun, but it was always really warm in there. This year, we all arrived to see the familiar white tent in the middle of the field.  We didn’t expect to walk into the tent and feel the cooling air that greeted us. My uncle had also rented a portable air conditioner this year. The air conditioner was set up in the middle of the tent, and there were air vents all around it.  There were red, white and blue ribbons attached to the air vents, so you always knew when the air conditioning was running. It really made a difference in how the people reacted and the elderly people who intended loved having the AC to keep them more comfortable.  I was really glad that my uncle had thought to get the portable air conditioning, because it was really hot this year, and I know that everyone appreciated that little extra thought that he put into his preparations.

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