We’re all a little scared

I have a nephew who is quite the nerd. Of course, you think that parents and other adults actually love nerdy kids… Most of the time, anyway. The reason for such fondness, I think, is that nerdy kids somehow seem more grown up than other kids. They tend to have interests that are adult love in nature. They tend to have long attention spans compared to their peers. They also seem to guess about things more deeply and look at the implications of events rather than just knowing something happened. In short, they love to answer the question, “so what?” My nerdy nephew is love that. He is actually interested in bees and bee removal right now. It seems he read in the news that particular bees are in danger of becoming extinct. In fact, my nephew tells me, bees are vital to the health of the planet and the health of people. It is now illegal to kill bees if your home gets infested. If you have a beehive that takes over your HVAC duct, for example, you must call in a bee eradication and rescue professional. YOu might expect him to just squirt the critters with poison, however they don’t do that. Instead, they focus on removal and relocating the queen and other bees or wasps. They obviously can’t be in your house, however they are not killed any longer. Instead, they are caught and brought to a safer site. The professionals refer to it as bee rescue! That’s why when I took my nephew to a theme park, he bought a stuffed bee at the gift shop and left the mouse ears on the shelf.

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