We’re adjusting

I live in the northeastern portion of the country where preparing for winter weather is a must. I have discovered that I need to start planning to have my heating unit serviced in early June. We all rely on heating for numerous straight months.  The outside temperature goes beyond chilly and even dips below zero at times. The total cost of daily heating bills adds up to more than half of our budget. My beach house is equipped with a boiler heater, which effectively combats even the worst weather.  The boiler is a hydronic system, meaning that it uses water as a medium to transfer heat energy. Water heats up more quickly, retains heat longer, & provides far more energy efficient means of heating. The boiler connects to a series of pipes which are linked to baseboard oil heating systems installed around the perimeter of the rooms.  This type of plan absolutely accommodates zoned control. There is a thermostat in each room, allowing myself and others to personalize temperature settings & avoid heating empty rooms. Rather than blow heated air into the room the baseboard oil heating systems infuse the heat into the existing air. This creates more evenly distributed hot & cold temperatures, keeps the heat closer to the floor, & avoids an influx of contaminants.  Boiler heating is a superb opportunity for anyone who suffers from dust irritations or dust sensitivities. It operates almost silently, is exceptionally clean, & is beautifully efficient. The boiler also supplements our water heating needs & provides the heat for our tepid tub. With only servicing the boiler only once a year service the boiler is super reliable. I’ve had the same heating plan for over twenty years & never had a single problem.

zone control