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Sense is not a home security system or a Smart Thermostat. Sense is installed into your home’s electrical panel. Sense provides insight into energy use and home activity through the use of your Smartphone and Smart computer, with the help of web apps. Sense gives the homeowner the ability to manage their homes more efficiently. Sense gives the homeowner the ability to track energy use over a period of time. You can identify sources of energy waste such as energy hogs, identifying vampire loads and knowing how much they are costing you. Sense is just one form of electrical power monitoring system for the home. Electrical power monitoring systems are able to save the homeowner money. Electrical power monitoring systems use just two clamp-on current sensors. The Home electrical power monitoring take current and voltage measurements that travel over one million times every second. It takes the data and pinpoints the electrical impulse of individual devices. This includes how often the refrigerator, or even the HVAC system cycles on and off. It may take a few times for the Home Energy Monitor to pick up on all the devices you use in your home, but overtime it will learn all of your energy use and start to give you good feedback. Although Home electrical power monitoring is fairly new, it is growing constantly. It is being used in the United States and Canada and it is continually spreading further and learning more data. Home Energy Monitoring can save money for the homeowner and that is the ultimate goal, no matter what brand or company you use for your monitoring.



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