weird animal attraction

My husband bought me a rather unusual birthday gift last year. I am always fascinated by the preachers that visit our yard in the middle of the night, so he bought me a trail cam to install so I could see them better. Each week I go out and get the memory card to see who has come to visit. I started noticing a strange pattern that was happening on a nightly basis. Each night, two young raccoons we’ve come to the yard and sit on top of the air handler for the HVAC system. I couldn’t figure out why they would just sit there because there was no food source or anything.  They would hang out there for about an hour and then move on. I would have thought that the noise coming from the unit would scare them off but apparently they liked it. My concern was that they would cause and issue by either putting some sort of debris in it or clogging the filter with fur. I asked my husband to build a box to go over the top of the unit so that it wouldn’t be a problem. Now, he tells people that I am having him build furniture for the critters that come to see us. He loves to give me a hard time about trying to take care of nature but I love seeing all of the little faces that come to the yard.  I even put out treats for them to enjoy. I will never know why the raccoons love the sound of the HVAC unit as much as they do but, at least now, they can’t damage it.

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