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I wonder how the HVAC guy knows that the heating and cooling system is done for? I mean, it’s a machine, so the parts are replaceable… Maybe it is just that there comes a time when it would cost more to fix than to just get a new HVAC system all together. I should ask my heating, ventilation, and A/C repairman next time he’s out at my house. I’m just curious. I’ll need to have him back pretty soon anyway. I just ordered a replacement HVAC system that, once it comes in, he’s going to be installing. It is a recent development, so I guess I just have that idea on my mind. While he was telling me about the fact that I needed a new heating and cooling unit, I was mostly just trying to crunch numbers in my head. After I had some time to think about it, though, my brain sort of went off on a tangent. Where do HVAC systems go to die? Maybe someone scraps the metal? Does anyone ever decide to keep their old HVAC system and just have all the parts replaced? I mean, it sounds silly, but I can imagine people being weirdly sentimental about things… I don’t think I would actually ask my heating and cooling technician all of these questions. He doesn’t really like to chat, which is fine with me really. I don’t want to bombard him with questions while he’s trying to work. I’m just really curious now. Actually, I bet I could look up the answers online and save my air for something more important.

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