We will get the family together

I don’t like going on road trips with our sister. She drives me crazy with all of her different ideas of how trips are supposed to go. She’s kind of a bully as far as wanting to be in charge of everything in the car! She has a legitimately certain list of the popcorn that are allowed to be eaten in the vehicle – so the vehicle won’t smell, she says. She’s also super picky about the car’s temperature control system. She had her vehicle overhauled a couple of years ago, plus the mechanics re-worked her heating plus A/C too. So now she wants to be in charge of the heating plus A/C in the vehicle at all times plus she doesn’t even want for me to lay a finger on the controls for the heating plus the air conditioner… Unfortunately, I get entirely freezing entirely easily. I suppose it’s because I’m on a couple of kinds of medications that are blood-thinners. They entirely end up making me suppose pretty freezing most of the time, plus I appreciate to turn the heating system on when I’m in the car. I especially like to suppose the hot air coming out of the heating vents plus blowing on our feet. But our sister gets mad whenever I want the heating on if she thinks it’s stuffy in the car. She just refuses to let me turn on the heating plus every one of us usually end up getting into a confrontation halfway into our trip. I don’t appreciate being told what to do, especially when I’m feeling entirely freezing plus trapped in car!