We were looking for air conditioning at the zoo

I hadn’t seen my mom and dad for about two years and I wanted to take my kids to visit them.

When I called my parents, they were really excited and dad started making all kinds of plans for what he wanted to do with the kids.

I had to laugh because he wanted to take them to the alligator farm and to the zoo. He wanted to share all of the sights that he had seen in the area and he wanted to enjoy them with my kids. I told him it was only going to be for a week or two or until they got tired of us, whichever came first. We got to their house and the first thing my dad did was to show us our rooms and tell the kids about the zoo and the alligator farm. My boys were teenagers but dad’s enthusiasm was catchy. They were anxious to be able to go to the alligator farm. I think they were both wondering how they could push each other into the alligator pit, first. My husband, mom and I just wanted to stay wherever there was air conditioning. While dad and the boys were yucking it up over the alligators, we were watching from the snack hut where there was air conditioning. IF there was something to see or do that had AC, we were there. If there wasn’t any air conditioning, we sent the guys ahead. I never realized how hot it was where my parents were. I can’t understand how mom and dad can be anywhere where there isn’t air conditioning.
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