We were in the house too much

I tried to instill a sense of discipline in our kids. To be fair, they make unbelievable grades plus for the most part, they stay out of trouble. However, there are some things that they are spoiled rotten over. When they were younger it was different, but now it’s tough to get them out of the home to go out plus get some exercise. They’re too busy with their PCs plus video games plus PCs, plus I don’t believe it’s natural for them to stay cooped up in this home so much! It’s appreciate they fear going outside, plus now that I believe of it, that is related to something else they are spoiled over, before I got zone controlled heating plus air, our child plus daughter would always argument over the temperature control. Mind you, me plus our partner had our own ideas about what the ideal temperature was at any given time, plus it would annoy us too. I am the a single that pays the electric bill, plus yet they still seemed entitled to setting the heating or air too high, as it suited them. Well, zone control Heating, Ventilation and A/C put an end to that; All we needed to do was set up some dampers in the HVAC ducts leading to each room, which could increase or restrict airflow as needed, depending on the occupant of the rooms number one temperature. They even each got their own separate temperature control for their rooms! Unfortunately, now they barely ever leave said rooms. I can tell you that I did not have such convenient technology growing up, plus I believe I was better for it!

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