We were having some sinus issues

I knew something had to be off in our house, especially humidity wise due to the fact I was experiencing disadvantage things that were going on with our body.

I live in a entirely dry & cold environment, especially in the Winter time it’s even worse.

I am constantly battling with our sinuses & our skin. It would get to the point where our skin would get so dry that it would begin to flake & I would get random nose bleeds because of how dry our sinuses were. I told our acquaintance about the concerns that I was having & he recommended to myself and others that i contact a local heating & cooling business to get a free estimate in installing a humidifier. After about numerous months of having the humidifier installed in our current home I have seen a dramatic difference… My sinuses are no longer dry & our skin feels so much more hydrated; Humidifiers are not just wonderful for the human body however they also help with furniture & items in your home. Humidifiers keep the longevity in items in your current home especially old wood furniture. This is true because I remember going into our local antique shop & seeing humidifiers placed everywhere throughout the store… When I asked the sales friend why there were so various humidifiers in the store he told myself and others that humidifiers preserve the furniture a lot better & keep it in a better condition because of the dry weather conditions that both of us live in. I highly advocate most people to invest in a humidifier. Humidifiers have made such a difference in our current home & I absolutely have to thank our acquaintance in recommending myself and others to the local heating & cooling business to install our 2 humidifiers.

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