We were cooking tons of food

My family plus I just went to a pretty nice cookout to celebrate the end of the school year plus the start of Summer. There were plenty of families in attendance, plus my good friend Shelly hosted the party. The weather outside was perfect, plus all of us had the official cookout food like hamburgers, hot dogs, salads, plus a fantastic large tray of veggies plus dip. The kids played games plus the grown-ups just sat around plus talked about sporting events plus vacation plans. Everything was going along marvelously until one of the younger kids came out the dwelling plus said that the toilet in the upstairs lavatory was not working… I’m not sure what he meant by not working, however Shelly went upstairs to examine the toilet situation plus hastily started yelling at for her hubby to call the emergency plumbing business fast. Apparently some unattended little kid had stuffed towels plus washcloths plus all kinds of toilet paper down into the toilet plus the toilet was totally overflowing plus flooding the entire upstairs lavatory plus a majority of the hallway too. Shelly said she attempted to turn the shutoff valve for the lavatory pipes, however for some reason the water wouldn’t stop coming! By the time the emergency plumbing maintenance guy arrived at the dwelling with his truck plus his tools, the entire hallway was easily soaked in water plus the cookout had come to a bitter end. At least the little boy’s parents offered to cover the cost Shelly plus her hubby had to pay for the plumbing bills plus the carpet cleaning fees.

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