We want to party

My nextdoor neighbor Shawn is one of the most boring guys on the planet. You can’t talk to the guy about anything. He speaks super slowly and stands way too close. But, when I hosted a neighborhood party at my place, I couldn’t not invite him. Within an hour my heater device broke. I told everyone no heating and I was going to call a HVAC contractor. To my surprise Shawn offered to take a look at my heating equipment. I figured the heater was toast anyway and I let him take a look. I did not realize how handy Shawn was. He pulled apart my heater with no issue at all. He knew all the parts in my furnace too. He cleaned it, oiled it and tightened a bunch of loose parts. The heater then sprung to life and sounded better than ever. He told me it was just dirt and a little neglected. He talked about how I need to do a once a year heating tune up if I want the heater to run efficiently. How amazing is that? After the party was over and everyone went home I got to thinking. I seriously need to befriend my next door neighbor. No, he is not all that exciting but he sure is handy. I could definitely swindled him over to my house every year to look at my heating equipment. I could get some tools for him and even be ready to order replacement parts. He would be way cheaper than a HVAC contractor and he seems to know just as much.

HVAC tune-up