We want to go camp

I remember all of the times we went camping when I was younger.  I was never a lover of sleeping on the ground, even if there was a tent around me.  I absolutely hated it, if you want the truth. When I became a Girl Scout leader, I never gave a thought to the fact that I would have to go camping with the girls.  I knew my boys went camping, and I was okay with that, but for some reason, the idea of the girls camping, just didn’t occur to me. When I learned about the weekend jamboree, we had the girls stoked.  They couldn’t wait to go camping. That’s when the dreaded word camping finally sunk into my brain. I pictured tents, with girls who were afraid of the dark. I pictured sleeping on the ground, with millions of bugs attacking me.  I pictured poison ivy, and looking like someone had breathed fire on my skin. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the tents were permanent fixtures. We happened to arrive a day early, and we had the campground to ourselves. I had the girls settled into a tent when the camp ranger came through and said that we couldn’t camp there.  A bear had been sighted in the camp. He also told us that it was going below freezing, and there was no heating in the cabins. I was shocked when he offered to let us sleep in the camp meeting house. We had a heating system, and a fireplace. We didn’t have to cook over an open fire, and there were indoor bathrooms. Even with the heating it still got cold that night, but everyone had a great time.

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