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There are some things nobody tells you when you buy a new house. For elaboration, our modern home is new to me. I bought our home back in 2013, and I have dealt with all sorts of little things that nobody tells you about! For instance, insulation deteriorates over time. It’s true! I haven’t had to deal with that certain   concern yet, but I assume if I live to be old enough, I just might have to. Another concern that you are just supposed to know about is poor air quality, which is an pressing thing to track. The air you are breathing in at home is to be clean and free of dust, so if it isn’t, you must do something about it. The first place to check if your home is really dusty would be the air filter. The air filter is part of your Heating plus A/C system, and traps dust along with particles that come through the furnace or A/C before they can get into your home. A lot of people I have come across assume the air filter only needs to be changed out once a year. When I looked up our model UV air purifier, I found that it was actually three to six times a year! The difference is quite noticeable though. On the topic of Heating plus A/C systems, you are also supposed to get them looked at twice a year by an Heating and A/C serviceman, just to make sure everything is operational. Most people don’t even know that, and only call an Heating plus A/C repair tech if there is something wrong!

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