We should turn the heat up

It’s wrong to date a guy strictly because he is handy right? I met this guy Barry through a mutual friend. After a single date I realized that he was a dud. Barry is super boring, but really nice and most importantly handy. The date that I was going to determine to be our last, our oil furnace started making odd sounds. My date instantly went over to the heating idea and got to work. He deduced that our oil furnace blower belt needed to be replaced. He located this furnace part, took it out and then found the area at our local hardware store. Barry bought and installed that up-to-date furnace area in under an minute. It was super impressive and by far the coolest thing he had ever done in our presence. When I offered to pay him for the part, furnace repair and his time, he told me not to worry about it. After that performance, I gave him another chance to be more exciting; Nope, Barry is still a total bore although I have gotten a lot of use out of his skill set. I have gotten our whole oil furnace cleaned out by him on a date. I got him to come over to install a humidifier with our heating idea too. I get all this work for free and done the typical way. I make him a meal, listen to his boring small talk and then prefer a better working heater. So, not exactly great of me. But, I don’t suppose anyone can really blame me for doing this.

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