We really need more space

When my Mom was thirty, she decided to open a small bakery. She was famous for her cakes, pies, and pastries. My granddad passed away and left my Mom a sizable chunk of money. With those funds, my Mom opened up the bakery. The first year was slow, because my Mom was working on getting her name out there. Years two and three were spent building the business and developing new recipes. Now the business has been open for five years, and we are currently looking for a new space for a our growing bakery. The old bakery was a thousand square feet. Between the new ovens and the new kitchen, we need around 2500 square feet. I’ve been helping my Mom find a place, because I work for a realtor in the city. We found a nice warehouse that once belonged to an HVAC repair company. The best thing about the warehouse, happens to be the wonderful indoor HVAC system. The previous owners updated the warehouse with a state of the art HVAC system. This will really come in handy for the bakery. Between the cooling system and the upgraded air filtration unit, we should be comfortable in the new space. The HVAC company vacated the property about three months ago, so my Mom and I will need to make some updates before we move into the space. There is a lot of dust and debris on the floor. Every surface will need to be scrubbed and cleaned. We look forward to moving into the new space in a few months.

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