We needed a tune-up

 As if the hand that life dealt me up until this point in our lifetime hadn’t been rough enough, my partner of 55 years and the father to our youngsters passed away just over a month ago. To help during the truly trying time, our youngsters chose to stay around for a few weeks after the homegoing events to give some much needed emotional support! In addition to being the support I genuinely needed at the time, my youngsters decided to bless yours with a series of condolence gifts, one of which was a vehicle air conditioning system system upgrade.

              The gift feature absolutely turned out to be a modern vehicle equipped with a voice-controlled (VC) heating, ventilation, & cooling (Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C) system. Though having a modern vehicle speaks for itself, the VC a/c feature was pretty neat too. The way our youngsters explained the aspect was that it was like that modern, improved hands-free feature, called Bluetooth, but for the air conditioning system. When I am out driving “Louise” around, sightseeing as well as pit-stopping at all the hotspots around the city, I could do so without having to touch a knob on my vehicle’s a/c-related dashboard, except to turn it on or off.

             The feature was set up to take commands, both general as well as direct, with respect to the temperature settings. For example, I could request the equipment to set itself at a particular  temperature or tell it to rise to a generally warmer or lower to a cooler temperature! Overall, it was a pretty great feature if you asked me!


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