We Need To Stay Strong

The HVAC field is one huge conspiracy, & I can prove it, and so, before you think ill of me, I don’t want to make it sound like I think that aliens have created HVAC units to control the human population, and I don’t think that furnaces & central air conditionings were developed by futuristic alien technology.

But, I think that HVAC units might be the downfall of our sweet country, because I think that the technology was introduced by a foreign land.

What is the easiest way to crush your foe? You could make them too weak to be able to confront you back. In our civilization, furnaces & air conditionings are making us relaxed & fat. With furnaces, too many of us have lost vital survival skills that we would need in nature. With the furnace, we don’t even need to know how to light a fire to stay safe from freezing. If someone ever took away our electricity, our furnaces would turn off, & all of us would abruptly freeze to death; However, air conditionings are even worse. Because of air conditionings, the younger generations don’t want to go outside & learn how to play outside or do the stuff kids usually do & play hard! Air conditioners have made kids rest in front of a TV or a computer & waste their very life away. Kids don’t want to leave their air-conditioned lives to fight for their country, & they are too weak to survive the heat. HVAC units are dangerous when not used sparingly, & we have long ago lost the quality of that being possible. I don’t think that we should throw away furnaces & air conditionings, but we need to be prepared to be tough.


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