We need to pick an air conditioner out

Moving was brought up after a long discussion about my husband and I needing more space.  We lived on a small farm on a 9-acre lot. We not only remodeled quite a few rooms in the house, but we also bought a brand new heating and air conditioning system.  After that and now that we are retired, we are ready to relax a bit. He had mentioned that he found a retirement community where they let you build your house. He said both of us could choose the type of air conditioner we want and we could also pick out our heating system.  This seemed decent because we would be paying for the building of the house and the land it was on. I disheartened when he mentioned there is a fee to live there. This coming from my husband who usually thinks people are trying to take advantage of him. I reminded him about the discussion both of us had when our kid bought a condo that had a homeowner’s association.  She had to get approval before she could even plant a bush! She also, paid a lot of money annually, just for the privilege of asking for that permission. When I was done talking, he just looked at me blankly. I just don’t see how how paying someone for our choice of air conditioning and heating systems is worth paying someone for the privilege of living there. Isn’t that what our taxes are for?  I want him to move on quickly and get those thoughts out of his head.

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