We need to go somewhere new

I’ve consistently loved looking out the window in my kitchen, since my chair faces the backyard. I have a great view of my garden from this position. When my daughter and her spouse moved into the home, they began moving everything around. So before I knew what was happening, they moved my favorite chair to another spot entirely. Now I can’t look out at my growing vegetables. When I complained about the arrangement of my chair, my daughter said she was planning on blocking that window anyway. They bought a window air conditioner device for the kitchen. All of these changes were happening too fast, and I was not ready for my favorite window to be blocked. I tried to reason with my daughter, but she insisted that the indoor air quality was more crucial than my view. I do like the cold air that is created by the air conditioning unit, although I miss being able to look out at my yard. My daughter plus her spouse have changed a lot of things in the house. Not only did they add a window air conditioner device to the kitchen, but they also bought some new kitchen appliances. I had been drying my dishes by hand, so I’m happy to have a dishwasher. I suppose I’ll have to get used to the new changes, because my daughter plus her spouse are going to be staying here indefinitely. They decided to move in to take care of me, but if I get good air conditioning, I don’t really mind that they’re here.

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