We need to control temperature and air quality

When our roommates and I moved all of our stuff into an older lake house for rent, both of us were honestly pleased by the tasteful modern updates to the otherwise dated structure. Though the arena was definitely built in the 1950s, the owners had updated the home office and even went and updated to all modern Anderson windows throughout the home. Modern windows can mean a immense savings in lake house heating costs during the winter, regardless of what kind of central heating idea your lake house runs on. However, unfortunately this did not mean both of us were exempt from error. Our new rental lake house is pretty far out in the country, so both of us almost never worry enough to lock up our windows at night. This became our undoing recently when both of us woke up a single morning after a particularly severe Winter storm overnight. My roommate and I got up to let our little pet out, only to find that the raging wind from the Noreaster was so strong it had actually opened our windows in the night. It had even managed to transfer the old screens aside and push snow into the house. This meant our awful oil gas furnace was just producing and pushing hot air outside while both of us had slept… You should always take care to lock your doors and windows during the middle of the night and morning throughout Winter… Closing them is clearly not enough to keep out the cold air, as this definitely does not seal the closure completely, then locking your windows applies additional helpful pressure against the windows, entirely working to hold the window against the window sealants and eliminate drafts. Whether your lake house runs on a traditional gas furnace or an electric heater, be sure to lock your windows up each and every Winter season.

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