We need this more than them

When I used to live at home, it didn’t matter that I didn’t drive, because my parents or older brother could drive me around if there was someplace outside of walking distance that I needed to go. But then after I moved out, I started having transportation troubles. It was less convenient for them to come pick me up to then take me to my destination, so quite often they would be too tied up to assist. Luckily the rise in popularity of apps where a person can find a driver in the area has helped me immensely. I was so happy to discover that my city has a huge amount of people working as drivers, so I’m able to get a ride when needed at almost any time, day or night! And the rides are incredible! There are minimum quality requirements for the cars, so you feel you’re getting a vehicle with particular standards. I’m mostly pleased with the fact that all cars must have a functioning air conditioner. Riding in a vehicle without any air conditioner can be quite uncomfortable, and I personally don’t like to leave the window open as an air conditioner alternative due to the exhaust and other odors on the road. But, thanks to the restrictions drivers must meet to be employed by the companies who utilize these apps, I can relax knowing confidently that whatever ride I get will have a nice AC. Certain drivers are more firm than others on when they actually use their AC. Some I’ve ridden with allow their passengers full control over the air conditioner. Although I have yet to get a driver who violates this policy and has no air conditioner equipment whatsoever, which I’m very thankful for. I haven’t had a nightmare yet with any of my rides, and I pray it stays that way!

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