We love the sound of that

A nice college friend of mine is major league conspiracy nut. I mean I like the guy, despite the fact that he thinks about the craziest and bizarre scenarios. He has forever been paranoid about the government & all what they do in secret. He believes that the two of us are constantly being spied on & listened in on. He legitimately showed me an online article the other day how someone had their “Alexa” unit randomly send a private conversation to someone else across the country, but now that I am aware it absolutely happened, & it made me a little worried about what these new smart devices could legitimately do. I legitimately have a smart temperature control which I can fully control via our other smart devices & especially our smart phone. It has gotten to the time in our lake house where our heating & cooling idea basically runs on its own. There are only certain precious options when I might recognize a little too sizzling or cold so I just tell our “Alexa” climate control unit to set the temperature control to a particular degree & it gets done, however our friend got me to thinking sporadically, what if our Heating & Air Conditioning equipment turns against us & decides to overheat the lake house or freeze us to death via the central cooling system? Now that seems absolutely crazy, however after he was showing me how a digital assistant was disobeying commands & even laughing at people at times, it seemed like perhaps this artificial intelligence could be getting out of control like those robot films where the machines turn against humans. While I do recognize like things like that are absolutely unlikely, a very small area of me thinks it could possibly happen. If this technology is able to legitimately evolve, what’s to stop it from eventually making its own decisions & choices? I have never had an kind of issue with our smart temperature control or our “Alexa” device, despite the fact that I am far more careful about what I say around these devices now, as they could be recording everything I say separate from our know-how.