We love the community pool

As a teenager, my parents always laughed at me when I talked about how I wanted to be rich enough to afford a swimming pool in my backyard. They weren’t laughing at my dreams, though – just how naive I was about the operating costs of having one. I always thought that was pretty rude of them, but as an adult I can understand why they felt that way. See, when I was much younger, my parents decided to invest in a below-ground pool for the backyard of their home. My siblings were close to teenage years, and they were pushing the hardest for having a pool, and my parents figured it was just a big upfront cost to have it. Oh how wrong they were! Once the ground was excavated, and the pool was constructed, they saw the monthly costs of maintaining the pool and quickly regretted their decision. Aside from supplies, they realized that the pool’s pump was using as much electricity as the entire house! It was insanely expensive to maintain, and for that reason my parents told my older siblings that the pool was going to be drained by the end of the year. My older sisters fought it, but my brother didn’t mind – it was the perfect design to use his skateboard in. Anyway, my parents always told me I’d regret having a swimming pool on my property, and I’d do much better by going to a public pool instead if I felt the urge to swim. They were certainly right! I remember humoring the local pool installation company if they could quote me for installing a small pool, and the landed costs were absolutely ridiculous. Well, maybe that’s why some public pools charge people for using it, huh?

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