We learned so much about technology

I have been working as a mechanic for a local garage! I genuinely love about my job, minus for the temperature control. The garage is a separate building from the office. The office area is where customers drop off their keys, talk and make more appointments. That building has a ductless mini cut in it. The office workers who sit on their behinds all day get quality cooling in Summer and amazing heating in the Winter season. Us dudes in the garage physically moving plus entirely working get nothing. In the Summer, our outfits are super warm as well. You can’t work on a car without arm plus leg protection, no exceptions. The heat gets to be super intense though, and with no AC plus using tepid tools, it gets nasty, and both of us open the main door plus use little fans to cool us, but it doesn’t genuinely help, but all of us have to be on it with hydration or we could pass out. Is it even legal to have us work without any air conditioning? In the Winter, I suppose it is worse. Both of us have to keep the main door open to get cars in plus out of the garage. More car repairs are in the Wintertide due to snow, distractions plus accidents! Having the door open means snow plus the cold wind blow right in. All of us mechanics then lay on the hard, cold concrete to work on the broken down vehicles. A little area oil furnace would genuinely go a long way. Having no heating plus using my bare hands most of the time is painful. I guess we deserve HVAC more than anybody.

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