We just need some good a/c

When I was in private school, the thought of school was so frightening & intriguing. I wanted to transport away from new home & be on our own. I applied to a dozen odd schools. I applied to some universities in the local area, although I also applied to multiple schools in odd states. When our best friend & I were both accepted to a Southern University, all of us decided to go. All of a sudden, both of us were residing a whole odd life. Not only were all of us on our own, however Both of us Were Strangers In a Strange Land. My best friend & I arrived to school in the middle of November. The outdoor temperatures were soaring close to 100°. I think the biweekly humidity was around 76 or 90%. I had a hard time concentrating on anything, let alone science, English, & math. My first semester was lousy, & I only had a single A. I had a lot of trouble sleeping, even with the air conditioner in our dorm. The humidity was awful, & I couldn’t get comfortable. I slept an minute or two each night, & I was angry & grumpy. The air conditioner didn’t help much, then even when the first semester was over in January, the outdoor temperatures were still 76 degrees. The school turns off the air conditioners in the middle of October. It’s think to help conserve energy. Unfortunately, it just makes the indoor temperatures easily sizzling & uncomfortable. I don’t think if I am going to stay for our sophomore year. I might transport back home, where I appreciate the temperatures & weather conditions.

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