We just can’t get on board

My fiance & I drove North to visit our parents; Every one of us had not visited in quite some time, & our parents were happily surprised to see us both, then my fiance & I were surprised by the cold weather, & both of us both shivered in the arctic hot & cold temperatures, but since our parents didn’t know both of us were going to visit, they didn’t have the spare family room ready.  The spare family room is situated in the basement, but the only source of heat, is a small electric heater. The electric heating system works easily well, however it takes a long time to heat the whole family room space. My fiance & I took our things downstairs, & the temperature was absolutely cold. Every one of us could see our breath in the frigid air. My fiance turned on the electric heater, & set the temperature control for 68 degrees. Every one of us went upstairs to have some Tim Hortons Coffee & pastries with Mom & Dad. They were still absolutely surprised to see us, & they had tons of questions. Every one of us talked for numerous hours, before our parents were tired. They decided to go to bed, & our fiance & I went downstairs, it was absolutely hot in the family room, & the electric heating system was still running. My fiance & I adjusted the temperature control, because 68° was too warm. Every one of us turned down the electric heating system to a more efficient temperature, & laid down with a single blanket on the bed. In the morning, our fiance & I woke up well rested. Every one of us decided to go for a nice walk in the morning air, while both of us considered our opportunities for the day.

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