We invented a new type of air conditioner and furnace

When I was growing up, my brother and I always had an interest in air conditioners and furnace, part of this is because our father is an HVAC technician, and at times he would take us to work with him and show us how to fix different parts of an air container, furnace, or air purifier. As we grew older, we converted the old shed in our back yard into an HVAC repair station. Whenever my dad would bring home an air conditioner, furnace, or air purifier that needed a lot of work, he would drop it off in the HVAC shed and my brother and I would work on it and fix it for our dad. Now that my brother and I are adults, we have put our knowledge of HVAC units together and started building our own HVAC units. We build several different types of air conditioners including central air conditioners and window air conditioners, as well as furnaces and air purifiers. One thing we noticed was that so many people these days want air purifiers in their house so that they can have clean air. People were spending hundreds of extra dollars to get special UV light air purifiers, this is when my brother and I got the idea to build an HVAC unit that had both an air conditioner and furnace included in it, as well as a built in UV light air purifier. Although it took a couple of years to complete, we built the first hybrid HVAC unit and sold it for thousands of dollars.



Hybrid heating