We have to move somewhere new

I have been out of school for about a year now and haven’t found a job that I am super passionate about yet. I actually want to go to a job every day and feel as though I am making a difference in the world. However, since I graduated, I have just been actually working at a local restaurant while I am applying for jobs. Last year, I finally got an interview for a job that I would actually be interested in. After the interview, I just had a gut feeling that I was going to get the job. Two hours later I got a call with a job offer and accepted immediately. The only bad space about the job is that it would require me to transfer across the country. I would have to transfer to a space of the country that gets much colder than I am used to right now. I currently live in an easily sizzling space, and I actually care about that it never gets cold here. However, the place I am going to transfer experiences drastic Wintertime weather, and I would have to get all up-to-date Wintertime coats because I don’t own any at the moment. I would also have to get used to constantly having the heater running, right now, I only keep the air conditioner on. I don’t even have a heater. This is something that is going to have to change. I don’t feel if I will like constantly having the heater on, but I feel that has something I can’t live without in this up-to-date weather conditions.

air conditioner