We have to keep the electric bills in line

I bought my house a little over three years ago. It is an older house.  There were a lot of updates done to it. That was a good selling point for the property. I didn’t realize how much was still left to do tackly, until I moved in. The first Winter in the house was truly an experience. I hadn’t realized many of the windows on the second story were still original, and they were in worse shape than I thought. I ended up paying a high gas bill because I was relying my furnace a lot more than I normally would. The heat just wouldn’t remain in the house. It definitely wasn’t an energy efficient situation. The actual Heating and A/C system was only about six years old, so I knew it wasn’t the source of the problem. I hired an HVAC specialist to perform a routine service and double check that everything was operating at peak capacity.   The guy was really great, and set my mind at ease by telling me the Heating and A/C system was in decent condition. I needed to replace the older windows right away. I knew I would quickly recoup the investment in the windows by paying lower heating and cooling bills. I’m hoping that in a few years I’ll be able to do more updates to improve the efficiency of the house. I am looking forward to upgrading the insulation, adding ceiling fans and overall making the house more energy efficient so that I can save some money on my monthly bills. I know it’ll be worth the time and effort to have a more comfortable home.