We have to deal with this

We have had nice Summers for the past three years.  Before that, we had some cold and rainy ones. For me, a nice Summer includes beautiful weather and plenty of time to enjoy it.  I like basketball, & shooting around at the park is a blast for me. I also do a of other outdoor activities, such as hiking trails, rock climbing & even swimming at the public pool. When I have the time, I drive to a nearby beach, or rent a sailboat for the day. However, what makes an unpleasant Summer for me is excessive heat with no access to air conditioning. When I can cool off  by simply adjusting the thermostat, I’m not happy. I’ve suffered through some of the worst Summers with no air conditioning. With temperatures in the nineties, I need a cooling unit. I’d even be content with a portable unit. When I was in my final year of school, I rented this crappy apartment. Money was tight. I could barely afford my books. There was no way I could afford an apartment with modern HVAC.  I took the apartment because of the cheap rent. I had this big, old fan which was so extremely loud. It didn’t provide much in the way of cooling. I desperately needed an upgrade. I worried if I would be able to pass my classes. As luck would have it, my neighbor decided to upgrade his own portable window A/C unit. When he heard me complaining about the heat, he offered me the air conditioner. I stuck it in my bedroom window and it was such an improvement.   I could finally sleep at night, and I had more energy in mypocket.