We have different parts to the system

Every year on the Saturday nearest July 4th, my uncle throws a big BBQ for family and friends. Everyone seems to look forward to it every year.  The food is incredible and the beer flows all day and night. The only downside to having the big party is the heat during that time of summer. My uncle had been renting a huge tent for several years mostly in case of rain and to give people some shade during the event. It also helped to keep the noise down.  I was surprised to hear that this year my uncle was going to rent a huge portable air conditioner for the tent to make it more comfortable from all the heat. On the day of the BBQ as my girlfriend and I arrived at my uncles, we could see the huge white tent in the backyard. A good number of people were already mingling around the yard and inside the tent.  The sides of the tent had clear plastic windows so that you could see in and have some light on the inside. The beer was inside the tent so we entered through a small opening in the middle of the tent. Only one step into the tent and we could feel the wonderful cool air coming from a large portable air conditioning unit in one corner of the tent. The unit has several large air vents coming out of the main unit. This had ribbons tied to the grates on the vents and were waving in the cool breeze created by the A/C unit. It was a very hot day and thanks to my uncle’s great idea the party was comfortable, the food and beer were plentiful and the whole event was very fun.

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