We had some issues

My parents were just talking to me last week about how they hosted this dinner party to boast to friends about their amazing new HVAC system. While the dinner was a hit with their friends, they said it was still a bit of a bummer for them for one simple reason: A lot of guests at the party had the same renovations done at their homes. Crazy, huh? Well, I would say not so crazy, seeing as the contractor who performed the renovation for my parents’ HVAC system has been running ads on TV and in magazines all year long. I hate the ads and how they’re everywhere, even if the services are quality and the prices are cheap. I could be miffed about the fact that my parents did not ask for my help with the renovations, though. Oh, did I forget to mention? I too am a certified HVAC contractor as well. I went through a year and a half of quality education and certification courses to become a technician, and then spent another two years working full time for a local contractor to get in the field experience. I passed my certification to be a specialist while becoming a certified contractor, all in the following two years. Not only am I just as skilled as the person my parents chose to fix their home’s HVAC system, but I would have definitely given them the same prices or better! Come on, they’re my parents – I might have done it for free! Sadly, they seem to trust this other contractor even more than their own progeny – hence me having to deal with losing more business to this flashy contractor in town. If I had the money to run excessive ads on TV for my business, I’d probably be just as rich as him!

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