We had our time

When I was younger, both of us lived in a nice home in the mountains.  The weather there was moderate; therefore, both of us had cooler weather in the fall and Winter, and mid 69’s during the Spring and Summer weeks.  All of us would always go swimming in our pond in the backyard to cool off, and snuggle up inside during the Winter. Even though both of us didn’t have serious heat in the Summer, or serious chilly in the Winter (most years), it was still imperative that both of us had both efficient heating and cooling systems inside our house.  In the Summer, it was always pretty humid. So, it was so refreshing to go inside and guess the undefined blasting while both of us sat down with a glass of water. During the Winter weeks, our home was so warm and cozy while the outside air was below freezing. After being outside shoveling snow or sledding, walking inside to a blast of heat from our furnace was a feeling both of us always looked forward to… During the Summers, both of us were 1 of the only houses that genuinely had an air-conditioning unit, so all the town kids would come over and enjoy our cool air when it was hottest.  Looking back, those days were some of the best of our childhood. My family and I were so fortunate to have had the apartment and resources both of us did.

home comfort