We had a great time

For three years strong, I’ve lived in the same apartment with the same landlord. I know what I’m about to say is unusual, so sit down for this. Believe it or not, I love my apartment, and I love my landlord! I know, that’s weird – but I really do love where I live. I’m in a two-bedroom apartment, and I only pay five-fifty a month plus utilities. How ideal is that? Before you say it, no – the apartment isn’t really tiny and has no glaring issues. It’s significantly spacious, with lovely decor and a fresh coat of beige paint. The best aspect of this apartment, though? The place uses a geothermal heat pump system, which is definitely one of the most efficient methods to heat or cool any residence. See, heat pumps usually source the outside air and pull heat or cool air from outside, and filter it through the home via the pump. With a geothermal heat pump, as the name says, this pulls heat or cool air from the soil from below ground level. I live in a duplex, so the heat pump actually provides heating and cooling capabilities to me and my neighbors on the first floor. That can be potentially agitating when you have a neighbor who likes to fiddle with sensible thermostat settings, but that’s the other beauty of my situation: I don’t have neighbors downstairs, and I’m not slated to have neighbors until nine months from now. How awesome is that, huh? I’m so excited I decided to rent this apartment, instead of the one I saw a few miles away that was intended as student housing. The rent was actually cheaper there, but I heard their heating and cooling systems were junk and always breaking down.

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