We got radiant heated floors for our bathroom!

This seemed like a good solution for us.

One of my favorite things to do especially after getting up in the morning is to take a nice warm shower. The shower helps me to wake up and I always feel nice and refreshed afterwards! The only thing that bothers me to a certain degree is stepping on those chilly bathroom tiles when I get out of the shower. I have talked to my wife about this situation and she agrees that the chilly tiles are rather frustrating. I started putting a portable heater in the bathroom to try to fix this problem, but that was only helping a little bit. It really wasn’t fixing the problem entirely, plus it seemed to be a bit of a hazard to have electrical equipment running in the bathroom around all the water. I ended up calling our HVAC company to see about solutions for this problem. They told me that they could install radiant heated floors. There were two types of applications, electrical heating, or heating with water piping. With the electrical heating, they would pull up the tiles and place the electric heating pads down and put the tiles back down. This seemed like a good solution for us. With the water piping, they would have to install a boiler system and connect the water piping. They could install the water piping under all the floors, but it would require us to rip up all the floorboards. This would be a very costly installation, so we opted for the electrical radiant heated flooring. We only put this in the bathroom and it easily solved the problem of the chilly tiles!

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