We Got Our Parents A Smart Thermostat for Their Anniversary:

My brother and I invested in a smart thermostat for our parent’s 50th anniversary.

We knew a smart thermostat was something they’d never purchase themselves, but it would really benefit them.

At first, we were concerned that a smart thermostat would be too technically advanced for their age, but after reading the reviews and speaking to a certified HVAC representative, we were assured that it was the perfect gift. Thankfully, this time of year is known for incredible sales. My brother and I spent months saving our money and scouring the local advertisements, but when we realized their anniversary was around the holiday season, we knew it was best to wait. I’m so glad we did, because we ended up purchasing a smart thermostat for half the price, and it came with free installation! Our parents were thrilled to open their new smart thermostat, even though they were a little afraid of the technology. The HVAC technician who came to install it, was super friendly and answered all our questions. He even helped our parents download the smart thermostat app onto their phones, and gave them a brief rundown of the new features. My brother and I were super impressed with the service, especially because we already received such a great deal. Our parents have been tinkering with the smart thermostat and have been loving all the amazing features. They keep texting us about their energy savings and the fact that they can change the temperature through their phones! I think it’s safe to say that they love their new smart thermostat!


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