We found our solution

The older I get, the harder it is to break habits.  Human behavior is a tricky thing and more difficult to change the more entrenched it becomes.  There are not multiple things better than chugging a super cold beer at the end of a longoverheatedday.  The terrible habit area was chugging many or multiple. It took a few months although I was able to still enjoy that first, wonderful beer without following it up.  I just switched to water right after that 1 awesome cool 1. I followed the same logic when I attempted to change the way I use the Heating and Air Conditioning system.  My greatest terrible habit concerning the heating and cooling component was easy neglect. I really didn’t suppose all that much about our Heating and Air Conditioning. I have always tied up preventive service for the Heating and Air Conditioning unit.  Beyond that, I didn’t do much of anything. In order to change the behavior, I needed to quantify exactly what I wasn’t doing. First, I started decreasing the air filter every 30 afternoons. There was such an immediate boost to the air flow. I then went through the rest of our lake house to check out the vents.  I now make sure each vent is open and unblocked. I have dogs who drag their beds all over the location. More often than not, they cover up a vent. The dogs also are getting combed nearly monthly and outside to reduce the fur landing in the filter. Finally, I installed a smart thermostat to leverage the Heating and Air Conditioning efficiency.  All these actions have not been difficult to manage. It’s in the consistency that a behavior is born. So, hopefully I am better to our Heating and Air Conditioning now and maybe I’ll even save a little money to boot.